Deployment options

Axis2M provide following deployment options with Maven

Deploy on Axis2 SimpleHTTP server

If you have past experience with Axis2, it?s simple HTTP server is much more familiar to you, It is possible to deploy axis2 services on simple HTTP server using axis2:run goal as follows

mvn axis2:run

then as usual browsing to http://localhost:8080/ will get you a welcome screen for simpleHTTP server with a list list of your service.

Deploy on Apache Jetty server

Jetty server is very popular choice among java developers because of its simplicity , Once you create your project you can use embed Jetty serve to deploy tour Axis2 web service, this is not different from deploying any other web application with Maven jetty plug-in such as tapestry stucts2 or wickets. You just use your jetty command

mvn jetty:run 

you can reach your WSDL using following url format


Deploy on Apache Tomcat server

Deploy on Sun GlashFish server